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The Serbian Heritage Museum has a wide range of visual images and photographs that document Serbian history and culture. Below is a sampling of a few of our image collections.



Over the course of the Museum’s inception, the Museum has acquired through very generous donations some of the rarest printed books showcasing Serbian literature, history, art, ethnography, music, politics and military studies.



The Museum library has a very significant collection of maps, architectural plans, manuscripts, old library registries, contracts between individuals and some cultural groups. Video/ audio library collection focuses on opus of collected news from former Yugoslavia during the 1991 – 1995 civil war, social and cultural documentaries, as well as music records, as well as the video recorded interviews of Serbian community elders and local accomplished businessmen.



As part of the SHM collection, the library houses a variety of noted periodicals and reference material on microfilm such as:

  • Jugoslav Soko Association Ford City (Windsor) – March 24. 1929 – Jan 29.1933
  • Canadian Yugoslav Club, East Windsor – Aug 31.1933 – May 12.1935
  • Yugoslav Canadian Association – Windsor – Apr 14.1935 – March 29. 1942
  • Serbian National Shield of Canada – Kralj Petar II (branch) Port Arthur & Sudbury Ontario -1950 – 1964
  • Gracanica Church Records of Births and Deaths – 1949 – 1978
  • Serbian Eastern Orthodox Diocese: Record of Births and Baptisms 1949 – 1962
  • Voice of Canada Newspaper – 1934 – 1944
  • Voice of Canadian Serbs Newspaper – 1945 – 2006



The SHM research library offers a broad selection of newspapers and magazines.



  • American Srbobran, Pittsburgh/PA bi-weekly edition arriving frequently
  • Voice of Canadian Serbs, monthly edition arriving frequently
  • Ljudi govore/ People Say: Literary Magazine, 2008 – present, arriving frequently
  • Cyrillic Manuscript Heritage, Ohio State University, Columbus/OH, 1999 to present



  • Serb World, 1990 – 2000
  • Zenski svet/ Women’s World, Belgrade, Kingdom of Serbia, 1914 – 1936
  • Selo / Village: Agrarian Periodical for the Serbian Village, Belgrade, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, 1940 – 1943
  • Democratic Thought, Windsor/ON, 1955 – 1956
  • Voice of Canadian Serbs, Toronto and Windsor, Canada, 1934 – present