One of the many objectives of the Serbian Heritage Museum is the preservation of the Museum’s collection.

Over the years the exposure to light, temperature and humidity can all accelerate the degradation of objects.

The Museum works diligently to preserve its collection and monitor the effects the environment plays on its collection. As the need arises, the Museum also works to restore the integrity of items to their original state.

For Example

  • A tambouritza instrument, similar to small mandolin, was restored with the funds donated for that purpose by the Questers society in 2003.
  • A painting “Brothers Jugovici” that has been a part of the Museum’s collection for numerous years was deteriorating but was restored by a well-known and very successful local painter Milica Yaksich who restored the painting’s canvas, underlay, paint and composition with great accuracy and detail in 2012.

Restoration is an on-going need at the Serbian Heritage Museum. If you are interested in working with the Museum to help restore works of art please contact us today and let’s get started on saving our precious history.