In 2013, the Serbian Heritage Museum received a matching grant for $27,250 funded by the Government of Ontario.

Through the government’s museum and technology fund, the Museum has digitized a portion of its rare library collection and has made them available online.

Digitized material include historical accounts, diaries and travel journals of Serbian immigrants who settled in Windsor and Serbian newspapers that reported stories relevant to both the Serbian community of Windsor and Ontarians. This endeavor showcases the rich literary history of Serbs in Windsor, thus making this project a real source of pride in our community.

What this grant also does is preserve a great portion of our heritage; proof that the Serbian community in Windsor has a long and eventful history. This written heritage attests to our intellectual and cultural efforts which have preserved our identity within a host culture, and allowed us to survive and thrive.

The SHM research library’s online catalogue is available to all users. We hope you enjoy perusing the numerous documents available.