The Serbian Heritage Museum’s aim is to interpret, research and display its collection to the public through poignant exhibits that showcase Serbian historical and cultural heritage.

The Museum has had a particular focus on gathering research material and artifacts from early Serbian settlers in Windsor and the surrounding region. This collection of artifacts and documents tell the story of early immigration of Serbs into the area, their settlement and adaptation into Canadian culture, their social, political, athletic and cultural contributions to Serbian and Canadian societies through a vast variety of expressions.

Serbian culture and history are depicted through several collections of the Serbian Heritage Museum, for example: paintings, rare books and newspapers, photographs, costumes and textiles, and three dimensional objects such as, musical instruments. The Museum currently has over 10,000 artifacts in its archives and is constantly adding to its collection.

The SHM Collection contains the following artifacts


  • Architectural Records
  • Prints and Drawings
  • Microforms
  • Films and Videos
  • Sound Recordings
  • Textual Records
  • Telegrams
  • Personal correspondence
  • Athletic and cultural societies’ meeting minutes
  • Magazines
  • Oral history

Costumes and Textiles

  • Folk costumes from varied regions of Serbia
  • Tapestries
  • Household and decorative items
  • Theatre costumes
  • Military uniforms
  • Traditional Serbian shoes

Books and Newspapers

  • Rare books
  • Newspapers
  • Women’s magazines
  • Agricultural and literary Journals


  • Social events and festivals
  • Serbian public figures
  • Family portraits of first Serbian settlers
  • Serbian owned businesses
  • Religious festivals
  • Cultural and athletic societies

Music and Instruments

  • Music notes from singing societies
  • Traditional instruments (gayde and gusle)
  • Serbian music records and audio cassettes

3D Objects

  • Jewelry
  • Medals
  • Coins
  • Pins
  • Decorative wood objects
  • Religious ritual objects
  • Personal and household items
  • Stamps