Stanislava Markovich

1919 – 2007

Principal founder of the Serbian Heritage Museum

Eulogy to Stanislava Markovich

November 19, 2007

By Bogdan Chuk, Museum Board President

Bereaved family, relatives, kumovi and friends:

We are gathered here today to pay our last respects to a great and honourable lady.

Stanislava as most people know came to Canada in 1950, escaping from her beloved country, the former Yugoslavia. After W.W. 2, her husband Vukasin, who was already in Windsor, Canada, paid someone to slip her and her son Bozidar over the border into Italy. Staying there, for a short time she finally arrived in Windsor to be with her late husband Vukasin. She must have been a very brave woman to risk everything to escape the post war communist rule of Yugoslavia. This bravery was a common thing for most Serbs and many other nationalities, who fled their homelands to live in a democratic society.

Upon arriving in Windsor, she immediately became a valued member of the Windsor Serbian community. She, as other immigrant women, were schooled for one thing but had to take on menial jobs in order to survive. She eventually was hired as a librarian and finally became Assistant Director of the Windsor Public Library.

The idea of a museum was hatched long before 1987 by the Serbian Women’s Heritage Club. Sitting at home one night in 1984, she called me and asked, if it was true that I was building a Serbian hall. I said, no I’m not, but the Serbian people of Windsor are. She than replied, “What about the museum?” I said what museum and she explained everything to me. I invited her to write up a presentation and invited her to Building Board’s next meeting. Her presentation was excellent to say the least and it was motioned and Passed unanimously.

It has now been 20 years since we opened the only real Serbian Museum in North America. She had fears that we would close up shop and abandon her many dedicated years in the founding and perpetuity of the Serbian Heritage Museum. Where we are today is due to her and the Serbian Women’s Heritage Society. Her legacy cannot be laid to rest with her, we all must have the enthusiasm with which she worked to make a dream come true.

Thank you Stanislava for your years of work, both physically and financially. As long as there are willing Serbs, your legacy will survive. God grant you his Kingdom of Heaven.