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Serbian Literature and Journalism in Windsor – May 16, 2013 – December 8, 2013

By May 16, 2013July 11th, 2023Exhibitions

As a supplement to this exhibit, the Serbian Heritage Museum has also devised some lectures and other multimedia. If you did not catch the MTF exhibit while it was up, we present you the Virtual Tour of the exhibit.

1) Publishing and Printing efforts of Serbs in Windsor is a lecture that examines various factors that influenced the scope of the publishing efforts in Ontario, and how it ended up in Windsor.

2) Local Serbian Writers reflecting on their Work is a lecture that focuses specifically on Windsor, and it examines the lives of authors who published here, as well as the motivation behind their work. As an addition, we also present you with interviews with three different authors who still live in Windsor:

  1. Interview with Milorad Gaćeša
  2. Interview with Rose Kosanovic
  3. Interview with George Veličković

3) The History of Serbian Journalism in Windsor is a lecture that focuses on the journalistic portion of publishing efforts in Windsor.

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